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The Copape Sca arl was founded March 15, 1959 by 12 small producers to strengthen their relationship of solidarity and collaboration. Today, thanks to the will and passion, we can boast:
about 230 members,
an oil mill with complete production cycle
Watch the video on the production of our extra virgin olive oil!
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The complete production cycle allows you to maintain full control over the processing steps from the gathering process of the raw material to obtaining the final product.
exclusively Italian product
excellent quality
Certification 10939 of the supply chain - traceability is ensured by the work of our employees and our standardized processes. A thorough inspection is performed by the third party certification of Valoritalia.
Olive Oil "TERRA"
low acidity, strong flavor
Olive Oil "ARIA"
low acidity, full-bodied and delicate
Oil DOP Colline di Brindisi, a product of our territory from olives of our members, protected by the DOP regulation.
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